Monograph (leading national publisher)

Ana Pajvančić – Cizelj (2017) Globalni urbani procesi: stanja, koncepti i alternative. Novi Sad: Mediterran Publishing (Global urban processes: conditions, concepts and alternatives).

Peer-reviewed articles in international journals (indexed in Scopus/WOS)

Ana Pajvančić-Cizelj (2022) Scaling up? From urban movements to citizen’s platforms in Serbia, East European Politics, DOI: 10.1080/21599165.2022.2152798

Ana Pajvančić-Cizelj (2022) Spatialities of feminist urban politics: networking for ‘fair shared cities’ in Central and Eastern Europe, Territory, Politics, Governance, 10:4, 487-503, DOI: 10.1080/21622671.2020.1799849

Tatjana Đurić Kuzmanović & Ana Pajvančić-Cizelj (2020). Economic violence against women: Testimonies from the Women’s Court in Sarajevo. European Journal of Women’s Studies, 27(1), 25–40.

Dušan Ristić, Ana Pajvančić-Cizelj, Čikić Jovana (2020). COVID-19 in everyday life: Contextualizing the pandemic. Sociologija, 62/ 4: 524-548.

Ana Pajvančić – Cizelj and Marina Hjuson (2018) Urbanization and urban planning at the European semiperiphery: Unintended gender consequences. Sociologija, Vol. 60. Br. 1: 275-287.

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