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I am an urban sociologist with extensive academic and practical experience in studying social life in cities. While many focus on the technical aspects, I’m driven by the belief that understanding the social fabric of cities is the key to solving some of our most pressing urban challenges – from creating efficient transportation systems and affordable housing to designing vibrant public spaces and fostering the democratic and just urban governance.

About Me


I specialize in examining urban politics, particularly its gender and environmental aspects, with a focus on cities in the European peripheries that are often overlooked. It’s in these neglected places that I believe we can uncover valuable insights and potential solutions to make our cities more inclusive and equitable for all.


I hold a PhD in Sociology and have more than 10 years of experience in research and teaching in Serbia and the wider Southeast European region as well as three years of independent research experience at Austrian academic institutions, supported by the EU (Marie Curie) and Austrian Academy of Sciences fellowships.

I collaborate with urban planners, architects, and practitioners, providing media commentary and consulting services to various domestic and international organizations working on urban development and gender equality. My extensive and diverse academic and professional networks in the field of urban issues span across Europe.

My recent research focuses on transformation of urban governance in Southeast Europe with an emphasis on intersectionality and inclusion.

From January 2024, I am serving as a Editor-in-Chief of the journal Sociologija, a leading Serbian sociological journal indexed in Scopus and Emerging Sources Citation Index.

I am currenty working on the monograph titled: Spaces of Europeanization in the Balkans: Cities, Networks and urban epistemic communities, under a contract with Routledge.

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